Scholarship, Board changes: Press Release

Press Release

The Kansas Music Hall of Fame (KMHOF) is announcing the establishment of a scholarship fund for graduating Kansas high school seniors who demonstrate extraordinary musical abilities. The KMHOF board of directors met in Topeka, Ks, Sunday, June 9, to discuss infrastructure and the future of the organization. The board unanimously voted to donate 5% of all KMHOF proceeds to the establishment of a student scholarship foundation. Board vice-president, Dan Fleming commented, “We are excited to kick off our membership drive with helping kids in Kansas”!

The board voted to add three new members: Dr. Craig Treinen, Dr. David Wiggins, and Ms. Beth Meyers. Donald Wagner was also added as an advisory member. Board President Allen Blasco commented, “The new board members add to the excitement and energy we need to get things going. These people are game changers”. The current KMHOF board consists of Allen Blasco, President; Danny Fleming, Vice-President; Lynn Fleming, Secretary/Treasurer; Larry Miller, board member; Mary McGee, board member; and Justice B. King, Legal Counsel.

Other actions included approval of the KMHOF mission statement, bylaws, and budget appropriations. The board also established action committees dedicated to membership, marketing, and hospitality. Upcoming events include the July 1 KMHOF Voice Your Choice nomination/membership kick-off campaign supporting the KMHOF Scholarship fund. The KMHOF slogan now reads, “Thanks to those who are making a musical difference in Kansas! Check out the KMHOF website for additional information (

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